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Psychology is the study of how human behave and the reason that leads to that behavior. Psychology is the interpretation of human behavior and the contributors of that behavior. There are different interpretations of human behavior this has led to different perspectives which include cultural approach, culture this are activities and beliefs in a community that are passed from one generation to another this influences people’s behavior. People in certain communities observe different cultures some end up seeing their culture as the way of life they therefore use this to judge other people and even to make certain decisions this is called ethnocentrism.

Humanistic approach these states that human are responsible for their own achievement. It uses Maslow hierarchy of needs and explains how human strive to reach the self-actualization level it also states that human can achieve anything provided that the environment supports that.
Memory also influences human behavior as explained in cognitive theory which studies the mind on how human acquire information and how they interpret the world, decision making and judgement.

Behavioral approach is another aspect supported by behavioral theory it interprets why human behave the way they do it has two conditioning. The first conditioning is classical conditioning this involves relating an act which results to a certain behavior. Classical conditioning involves relation of an behavior according to a certain act. The other conditioning is called operant that tries to encourage a behavior by rewarding and discourage a behavior by punishing.

To settle psychological problem people need the help of a therapist to be in a position to address problems, beliefs, feelings and physical symptoms.

A family has different members including mother father and children there are different problems that arise between parents, children and between parents and children. Family problems are common considering that people have different ways of interpreting things, age difference, and the environment in which one spend their day. It is difficult to settle psychological problems that children have. To resolve these family issue sits is advisable that a family visits a therapist. There are different types of therapy depending on the client there is one on one therapy where the client sits with the therapist and they share what is disturbing them. Group therapy this is where people with common issue get together as a group and they share what they are going through this gives them hope that they are not in the problem alone and once shared they get relieved they may even get a way to settle the issue from other members . The therapist work is to try to rebuild step by step the broken relationship between the family or the inappropriate behavior.

They settle issues in families using the behavior approach of psychology, they try to interpret why the child is behaving in a certain way and using practical examples in reference to the two behavioral conditioning, for example reward a child to encourage a certain behavior. Their therapists are professionally trained and they give the best advice to parents to help them raise children in a certain way. The offer the best services at an affordable price.