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Tips for Buying a Water Pump

Without a doubt, owning a water pump can give you plenty of benefits in various situations. You may live in a flood-prone area and need a submersible pump for cleanup, or maybe you have a swimming pool that obviously needs to be filled with water. Perhaps you have to pump up water from a borehole to supply your daily water needs.

Whatever reasons you have for buying a water pump, take note of your specific requirements so make the the correct purchase.

GPM Discharge Capacity

How powerful a water pump is can be determined by looking at its GPM Discharge Capacity. Indicated as gallons per minute, it is basically how fast water arrives at the discharge point from origin. If you need to move water fast, you should get a water pump with a high discharge capacity.

Vertical Suction Lift

This gives you the vertical distance between the pump and the source of water. If you want a water pump for such applications as draining a pond or a flooded basement, make sure the equipment’s vertical suction lift is enough for your purpose.

Maximum Head Lift

This is how high the water source is from the point of discharge. This number also gives you an idea of the pump’s power, as well as the distance over which water can move for your particular use.

Water Pump Type

Water pumps come in several types – submersible, self-priming, borehole, etc. – and to know which type you should get, you have to understand what specifically you need it to do for you. Spend time to do some research so you don’t waste cash buying the wrong equipment.


Besides knowing the various types of water pumps, you should also take your time deciding where to purchase the equipment. Remember that your ability to get the most out of a water pump is mainly dictated by its quality. And concerns about quality are always intertwined with customer satisfaction.

There are many places where you can buy a water pump today, so feel free to compare instead of going with the first one you encounter. Besides, you’ll never know which one of your options is indeed the best for you. Even so, don’t obsess about the prices. As a consumer, you should know that there are so many other things to consider. Like everything else you have to buy, try to get the most value in exchange for your money. Fact is, if you find something that seems too cheap, it will usually come with a catch, so don’t fall for it.

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